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Mini Xerus  5  series

Mini Xerus 5th Series  Simple to install
  Easy to use
  Follows continuously altitude and speed of your model


Key parameters:

- All in one board with Altitude, Airspeed transducer and emitter.

- Almost no cabling: conect the supply, a tubing for Airspeed and fly .

- Easy to use, no programming.

- Transmit only to ground, no record

- Same measurement quality as Xerus expert 4 series

Mini Xerus 5


HUD Lynx 2B in box


All in one with integrated Altitude and Air speed measurement and transmitter

 dimension : 62x 38mm

 Ultra thin:only 11mm thickness maximum including transducers an emitter
 Weight : 12 gr
Powered by one LiPo cell


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